How To Pick Someone Up At The Beach: A Woman's Take


With Memorial Day having come and gone, beach season is officially here. If you're anything like me, you wait all season for this time of year. Between the sun, sand and any reason to get as close to naked as possible, it's the summer that a lot of us live for.

In celebration of this glorious time of year, Dr. Beach was kind enough to put together a list of the top 10 best beaches in the United States. Although both Hawaii and Florida monopolize the list with three beaches each, the number one spot goes to Main Beach in East Hampton, New York.

And, in case you haven't realized where this is going, fun in the sun while rocking a bathing suit that doesn't leave much to the imagination, is the perfect scenario for picking up dudes. Men are visual creatures, you guys, and although they're likely to be focused on your, um, assets during your oh-so slick pick-up attempts, your personality will eventually win out. And hey, you may even fall in love

Here are some dos and don'ts on making the most of scoring with the dudes on the beach this year.

Do Feel Good
Even if you're self-conscious about your body — because everyone is to a degree — standing tall and convincing those around that you're the hottest thing out there, will make others see the same.

Do Go To The Beach With A Bunch Of Friends
In a bar scene, it's intimidating for a man to approach a woman he eye-spies across the room when she's with a bunch of her friends, but on the beach, it's a completely different way of thinking. In fact, a lot of men's sites this time of year actually advise that their "bros" only approach groups of ladies. Go in for the kill.

Do Choose One Group Of Fellas
As I just mentioned, if men's sites are telling their male readers to find one group of ladies having fun, instead of going from group to one group of women after another, we're going to suggest the same. Don't be the creeper who's made her way around the entire beach — pick your group and stick with 'em.

Do Have Fun
If you're bouncing around and having the time of your life, guys will notice. It's the fun-loving girl who goes home with a bunch of numbers, because when she finally mustered the nerve to talk to a dude, he will have, most likely, noticed just how fun and awesome she is. And, who isn't into that?

Don't Get Plastered
Our friends at BroBible point out drinking in the sun definitely helps, but don't take liquid courage to mean getting bombed. If you're determined to score some digits before the day is out, bringing extra adult beverages with the purpose of offering some to a guy you've had your eye on is basically a guarantee to success — just make sure you don't go overboard.

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Don't Be Obsessive
You see a hot dude having fun with his friends? Awesome! Now, instead of staring, pointing and giggling with your friends, jump into action. You know, ask if they want to play some beach volleyball.

Do Ask For Assistance
Whether you want to have your photo taken with your buddies, or the wind just blew away your umbrella, asking a guy to help you out is always an easy way to get a convo started.