Can I Be Friends With My Kids?

Five of our experts explain the difference between being a parent versus a friend.

parenting advice: friends with kid

It's a question that all parents struggle with, especially as their kids grow older: Is it ever OK to be friends with your kids?


In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman poses the question to YourTango Experts Richard Drobnick, Lesli Doares, Randy Nathan and Carolyn Meyer-Wartels weigh in with their thoughts.

"You want to be close to your kids. You want to love them; you want to be available to them; you want to have a relationship with them; you want them to feel free to come and talk to you about certain issues," Drobnick says, "but it's still different than a friendship."

To echo the argument, Doares says, "Being friends makes it harder to parent."

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