Cohabitation: Why Every Couple You Know Is Shacking Up

The pros and cons of living together before the ring.

moving in together

Feel like everyone you know moves in together before getting married? Turns out, it's not just your friends and family. 

New research from the National Center for Health Statistics finds that 48% of first unions for women aged 15 to 44 were cohabiting unions — and 40% of those of those unions led to marriage within three years..

"Completing schooling, establishing oneself at work, and being emotionally 'ready' to be a partner are various prerequisites people seem to think they need prior to marrying,” Sharon Sassler, associate professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University told The Daily Beast. 


Sure there are advantages to test driving cohabitation before getting married, but what about the cons? Our friends at The Daily Beast take a close look at being roomies before marriage.

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