10 Fabulously Awkward People Stuck Being The Third Wheel

third wheel

Ever feel like the odd man out? These awkward third wheels have it SO much worse than you.

The only thing more awkward than strangers making out on top of you is being the only one in a group not kissing someone. Maybe we're just faster with our cameras these days, but thanks to sites like Reddit, we've noticed people (and animals) are capturing their third wheel, fifth wheel — even ninth wheel situations more than ever.

Sure, it's strange to be the only one not paired off in a group, but how do you react to rolling solo? From the angry third wheel to the fifth wheel who embraces her singlehood, we're counting down our 10 favorites. 

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1. Hey-Look-At-Me Wheel

You're the type that doesn't mind tagging along, in fact, you think it's so awesome ... until your iPhone battery dies or you've already sent this photo to every single one of your contacts. Then you realize your friends are still going at it in front of you. Ok, guys, shows over!


2. Sneaky Puppy Dog Wheel

Are you the type who tries to get sympathy, a dance and then a date using that cute puppy dog face when everyone else is smooching? Nice try. Okay, fine maybe it works just a little.


3. Stuck In The Middle Wheel

When it feels like there's no way out. And sometimes, there isn't.


4. Contemplative Wheel

When surrounded by a couple in love, you think in the big picture. You may say to yourself: "What does this situation say about my life?" Hey, love makes you deep.


5. Ambiguious Wheel

With the best of friends around, it's not always clear who the third wheel is. Is it the girl on the left? The guy in the middle? ... Is it you? Wheels can be open for debate.


6. Emo Wheel

Too defeated to walk away from the lovebirds. You'd rather sulk and use the hashtag #foreveralone until the madness stops.


7. Centerstage Wheel

Opposite of the Emo Wheel, you steal the show with your radiant smile or I'm-happy-I'm-single pose.


8. I Hate You Guys Wheel

Can someone say "love triangle"? You're the furious third wheel who can't stop staring with envious eyes. Occurs in all species.



9. If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em Wheel

Hey, kissing your hand is fair game. Anytime you go above being a seventh wheel, this is a common side effect.


10. I-Don't-Care-I-Love-It Wheel

You have more fun than your lovey-dovey friends — and aren't afraid to brag about it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.