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We Predict Which Stars Will Get Hitched (& Ditched) This Summer

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Summer Love: Which Celebrity Couples Will Get Hitched (& Ditched)

Are there wedding bells attached the baby carriage for Kim and Kanye? Will Miley and Liam's love conquer the swirling rumors surrounding their perpetually postponed wedding date? Will Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher relationship status remain so-in-love?

We break it all down (while hoping they don't break up) using our prescient knowledge of celebrity relationships and our deep desire to see photos of elaborate celebrity weddings.

Kim & Kanye

The reality TV queen and rap star have been going strong since April 2012, and survived many a rumor about impending breakups and engagements alike. The fact that they now have a child together—and her divorce from Kris Humphries is finally finalized—leaves us foreseeing bling in Kim's future by summer's end. 


Miley & Liam

This young couple has been engaged for almost a year now, but with little to no talk of a wedding. Even though they spent time apart earlier this year (and Miley was photographed sans diamond ring), we haven't closed the book on this duo yet. Key word: yet. We expect this duo to call it quits in the fall.


Sean & Catherine

If anyone has us wishing against The Bachelor curse, it's these two. Even amidst tabloid rumors of their looming demise, Catherine and Sean still post goofy pics together on social media and vehemently deny to reporters that anything is amiss. We can't help but root for them while counting down the days until they announce a wedding date. Our prediction: ABC will wait for The Bachelorette to wrap before dropping details about the couple's televised big day. We also see babies—and a spinoff series—in the distant future. 



Jason & Olivia

As far as perfect, under-the-radar Hollywood couples go, Olivia and Jason are an easy favorite. The newly engaged couple has been mum on a wedding date, but we think these two will head to the altar sooner rather than later. We wouldn't be surprised if they planned a late summer low-key shindig to say "I do."


Mila & Ashton

Nothing makes us want to watch That '70s Show reruns more than seeing Jackie and Kelso (er, Ashton and Mila) together. Work has taken Ashton and Mila's love across the pond to London, where they've double dated with royalty and hung out with her parents—promising signs for the relationship. While they probably won't get hitched any time soon, we don't see them breaking up, either. Jackie + Kelso 4EVA!


Lindsey & Tiger

The biggest head scratcher of the bunch is Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods. We want Lindsey to be happy, but who among us wasn't surprised when these two announced their relationship via cheesy photos on Facebook? Color us flummoxed. We truly hope that Tiger has transformed into a better man for Lindsey, but only time will tell. We doubt she'll end up Mrs. Woods—what do you say? 

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