Fake Marriages In China: When Gay Men Marry Lesbian Women

couple putting ring on finger in marriage ceremony

Closeted men and women are using the internet to marry straight partners.

How do you come out of the closet in a place where homosexuality was considered a mental illness up until recently? In China, family pressures to marry early and the fear of social isolation make it hard for gay men and lesbian women to find love.

So, instead, "cooperative marriages," where gay men and lesbian women marry each other, is becoming a popular alternative thanks to the internet.

The Daily Beast spoke with Xiaojiong, a lesbian who created an online forum for gay men and lesbian women to find straight marriage partners. In fact, it's where she met her current husband — and girlfriend.

"When gay men and lesbian women marry each other, they can agree on the terms of marriage so they could keep living how they want to," Xiaojiong told The Daily Beast. "It's not fair for straight people to get stuck in marriages with miserable gay people."

Read the interview at The Daily Beast: China's Fake Gay Marriages


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