5 Steamy Sex Positions To Heat Up Your Weekend


Change it up in the bedroom with these exciting positions.

You might not love every single one of these sex positions, but hopefully you'll use birth control, get it on and have fun trying them out this weekend.

1. On The Edge (also known as the Furniture Position
Skill level: Simple and laid back
How To Do It: You sit on the edge of a bed, couch, or chair. He gets on his knees, in between your thighs, and you go from there. 
Bonus: Is it hot out? This is fun to try with you on the edge of a swimming pool.

2. The Jellyfish
Skill level
: Easy squeezie, but good balance is required.
How To Do It: This is a face to face, girl on top position.
Bonus: This one makes it very easy for you two to sync your movement which could lead to simultaneous orgasms.

3. The Arch
Skill level: Intermediate
How To Do It: This position proves that sex counts as fitness. Your legs and glutes are going to get a serious workout.

4. The Reverse Piledriver
Skill level:
How To Do It: This is just like 69, but the guy's on top. Your comfort is very important, so make sure he keeps his enthusiasm in check, if you know what we mean.

5. Sitting 69
Skill level: Advanced
How To Do It: You're upside down. He's holding you up. 
Warning: He'll need to be strong enough to safely support you. (It's all fun and orgasms until he drops you on your head.)

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