'Real Housewives'' Lisa Hochstein On Fertility Struggles & More

Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein

Plus, the "boob god's" wife gives an update on the couple's Tony Montana home drama.

On the last season of The Real Housewives of Miami, viewers were introduced to Lisa Hochstein, the bubbly 30-year-old wife of famed plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein.  The tiny fitness fanatic is currently working on expanding her health and beauty brand, while continuing to push forward with her plans to move into Tony Montana's house on Miami Beach's fancy schmancy Star Island. Except it's not Tony Montana's house.

"It drives us nuts. Apparently this home was in a background of a scene in that movie. It is not the actual house where Tony Montana got shot up by all of those drug lords," Lisa explains to YourTango about her casa complications after a Miami Beach Review Board halted the Hochsteins plans to demolish the 87-year-old home featured in Scarface, in favor of leaving the iconic (or not) house untouched.

"If anyone does their research, you will see that is not the house. It makes it seem like it's such a historical landmark … which it's not,” Hochstein continues. "It's falling apart … we put our hands into the wall and we were pulling the wall apart, infested with cockroaches, the air conditioning is not functional … it's just a house that's not salvageable."

After winning their dispute against preservationists, Lisa and Lenny are cautiously optimistic. "We're very happy about [the win], but it's not over yet ... we would like to start construction in the next few months, but you just don't know with these things. It's so unpredictable."

As is, unfortunately, Lisa's timeline to start a family. Married since 2009, the couple hoped to have two children by now but instead—for no known medical cause—they're struggling to conceive. Here, Lisa opens up about maintaining a positive outlook while putting surrogacy conversations on the table.

YourTango: Mother's Day is soon approaching. Is that a difficult day for you?
Lisa Hochstein: I'm trying to become a mother, so of course not having our child yet is difficult. But I also try to celebrate my own mother, and I try to focus and stay positive because to me, it's her day. If I can, I will fly to Canada or I'll fly her here. I just really try to focus on the person that gave me life.

YourTango: What is the latest with your IVF treatments?
Lisa Hochstein: We're still actively trying the IVF. We're going to do another cycle, and we're always trying things that are different. We're hoping that this time around, we'll have a good outcome and have a little baby boy or girl. These things take time, and I've talked to many women and I've realized that we're not alone. A lot of women have tried countless times and eventually it happens for them, so I like to keep that in the back of my mind. It helps me stay positive to know that other people are going through the same thing. This stuff happens. Keep reading ...

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