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Samantha Bee: 'Working With My Husband Makes Us Better Parents'

Working With My Husband Makes Us Better Parents

We had a blast recently interviewing The Daily Show comedian Samantha Bee. If you haven't seen her segments, please watch everything on this site and then come back to us. No! Just kidding. Hope we didn't lose you. In her zany Daily Show interviews, Bee, a Canadian actress debunks everything from women in the military to gay marriage — with a witty, slightly awkward flavor like none other.

Bee also happens to share her work with her husband of 12 years, Jason Jones, also an actor on The Daily Show, with whom she has three young kids. Now, common wisdom tells us that if you're constantly spending time with your husband or significant other, it's bad for your relationship. You need time apart to let yourselves grow as individuals. But Bee and Jones have such hectic schedules that this seems to take care of itself.

"We work together, we walk to work together, we share an office," she told YourTango. "We have our desks up against each other, and our computers face each other." Wow, that sounds like more than we'd like to see any of our significant others! (Sorry, guys.) "In general, I love it," Bee says.

As unintuitive as it may seem, working in the same (awesome) office has also made the celebrity couple better parents. "It's good for us as parents, because we have three little kids, so we get a lot of our adult conversations — and by adult I don't mean X-rated," she clarified, "out of the way when we're at work and walking to work, and accomplishing tasks together. So when we go home, we're really focused on our kids. It's not relationship check-in time for us; we've already done that. It's been a really great arrangement. I don't really know what we would do if we didn't work together. And we write together outside of work, too. Man, we are really up in each others' grills all the time."

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Thankfully the married couple has a little space from each other at work, says Bee. They often work in different parts of the office or are off traveling in different parts of the country, so they rarely work on projects together. One of the few skits they've done as a pair is the gay marriage segment "Runaway Pride" we mentioned above, where they took to the streets of NYC together to talk to newlyweds about the day gay marriage became legal in the state of New York — all while ribbing each other about having been married for so long. "Look at him, he's like a f***ing seagull," she exclaims, watching Jones eat his hot dog. If that's not love, we don't know what is.

If you think her admirable relationship skills are the only reason we love Samantha Bee, there's even more! The 43-year-old is a campaigner for natural beauty, and helping women feel their best about their appearance. In fact, she's currently working with Dove to promote DoveTruthFiles.com and the @Dove #truthtuesdays Twitter party, which help women find the best cleanser and body wash for their skin. Bee is really into gentle cleansers — "we're too concerned about peeling away layers of skin these days. Just buff it gently," she advises. Given her work with Dove, we just had to ask whether Jason ever steals her beauty products.

"I used to put skincare products in Jason's stocking every year for Christmas, but two years later, I would find those products unopened," Bee tells us. "I just stopped, because he just uses what I use." That would be a resounding no.