Is Desiree Hartsock The New 'Bachelorette'?

Desiree Hartsock

From the moment she stepped out of the limo on night one of The Bachelor, Desiree Hartsock was a frontrunner for Sean Lowe and a fan favorite.

The pair shared laughs (he pranked her on their first one-on-one date, and she returned the favor during her hometown visit) and plenty of romance (admit it—the kissing next to the fire was H-O-T!).

But despite so many highs in their relationship, Sean sent Des home last week, in a move that left everyone reeling (include Des herself). In fact, host Chris Harrison told of Sean's decision, "I’m pretty sure he let the love of his life go."

But apparently, her brother Nate's disrespectful outburst during her hometown visit (we get it, Sean, you don't like being called a playboy) was really enough to sabotage what Des and Sean had. The Bachelor admitted during the "Sean Tells All" special on Tuesday that he just couldn't see "jack*ss" Nate as his brother-in-law.

And while Des' departure from the show was tearful, she took to Twitter with a decidedly mature and happy outlook: "Men may come and go but family is there long after the show," she wrote. She continued with: "You can’t ruin something that isn't complete so be easy on my bro. A man who truly loved me would see past the family member I hardly ever see."

But will America be seeing more of the beautiful bridal stylist? There's a pretty good chance. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tweeted, "Don’t want to spoil it for the west coast so I'll just say that the next Bachelorette went home tonight on the #bachelor."

And when Chris Harrison was asked if he thought Des could be the next Bachelorette, he said: "I take my response off of Twitter, and so far, she has the biggest response … Right now, Des is a big front-runner. She's the beautiful girl-next-door that you want to wish well." 

While we won't know for sure for a few weeks who the next lucky lady looking for love on national television will be, one of Sean's former love interests is out of the running—the ever controversial Tierra is actually engaged. It seems she was in a serious relationship prior to going on the show, and her time with Sean made her ex realize just how much he missed her, ahem, sparkle.

Should Des be the next Bachelorette? Tell us what you think in the comments. 

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