5 Things You Must Know Before Sunday's 'Downton Abbey' Finale

Downton Abbey

Consider yourself warned: The season ends with an unexpected bang.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey saw the marital union of Lady Mary and cousin Matthew, the near end and recovery of Lord Grantham’s estate, and the shocking death of Lady Sybil.

If the finale is anything like the rest of the episodes that aired this season, it’s sure to rouse a few laughs, gasps, and even tears. So arm yourself with tissues and these five teasers about Sunday’s Christmas Special, “A Journey to the Highlands.”

1. Spoiler Alert: After the shocking finale aired in the U.K. last December, the episode received extensive media coverage. With all of those ruin-the-surprise articles floating around, avoid searching online for "Downton Abbey finale" like the plague. 

2.  A Little R&R: We’ve witnessed the Crawleys endure a series of setbacks and heartbreaks this year but rest assured, the family enjoys a much needed vacation during a trip to Duneagle Castle in Scotland.

3. Timeline Shift: In the promotional clips released by PBS, we see an older baby Sybil being held by Mr. Carson, so it’s clear the episode occurs sometime after episode 6.

4. Love Is In The Air: Lady Edith may have been left at the altar this year, but things could be heating up between her and married editor Michael Gregson. Will he leave his wife for our favorite middle child? Possibly.

5. It Will Most Definitely End With A Bang: The season finale is said to conclude in a manner that is both shocking and riveting. Be prepared for the series to take an unexpected turn that will leave you with a slew of questions.

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