Kim Kardashian: How The New Baby Could End Her Reality Empire

Kim Kardashian

Raise your hand if Mason is your favorite Kardashian of all.

The too-cute tyke has been living under the television microscope since—literally—the moment mom Kourtney Kardashian pulled him out. (Yeah, remember that scene?)

But when Kim, the jewel in the Kardashian crown, delivers her own pint-sized fashionista, she’ll do something completely unexpected: dodge the cameras.

“She doesn't even want the baby to be seen for the first six months," a source tells Us Weekly, after Kim herself confirmed that she won’t allow reality TV cameras to film her baby. Is that level of privacy even possible for a Kardashian, a clan who built their fame upon letting their business become everybody’s business?

“[Kim and Kanye] would almost have to move away from Los Angeles, or be totally house bound,” author and YourTango expert Nina Atwood explains about the power couple's future. “The reality is that they will be followed relentlessly any time they leave the house with their baby … To really achieve this level of privacy, they will have to make hard decisions about withdrawing from public life. For her, it could be the end of her television franchise.”

A bold move that could, in turn, chip away at her multi-million dollar empire. “Her brand is almost entirely driven by her being totally open about her life on reality television. If that goes away, her brand begins to diminish,” Atwood predicts.

We're assuming momager Kris Jenner isn't tickled by the couple's decision to shy away from the spotlight, however, Atwood backs the parents-to-be’s decision. “Kim and Kanye’s instinct to protect their child from the risk of unwanted public exposure is a good one." And—crazy as this sounds—other parents should follow Kimye’s lead. How so? By avoiding the constant photos and Facebook updates about each and every milestone your child reaches in a day. You know who you are.

So, in a time when we’ve become our own paparazzi and voluntarily leak private photos for the masses, where’s the healthy balance? “Put yourself in your children’s shoes and consider their temperament. Some kids are very private and shy—those kids will have issues later in life if you are not careful about what you share,” Atwood adds. “Make sure you’re doing what is in each child’s best interest, even if it means you don’t get to show them off as much as you might like.”

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