Steps on How to Use a Cockring


Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the best cock rings for maximum benefits.

Learning how to use a cockring – particularly how to wear it properly – is the key to getting the benefits, such as a bigger and harder erection, increased penile sensitivity, and more controlled ejaculations. A tutorial on the whole thing would seem initially odd, but tell us: what do you think are the proper steps to wear the best cock rings? How long should you have it on? Something that’s “too simple” may not be too simple after all.

For starters, a cock ring works by restricting the blood flow to your penis gently. The blood flow restriction can make your erection last longer, your sensitivity much more heightened. Cockrings can also stimulate your female partner.

Here are the steps you can follow if you’re using or wearing a cockring for the first time – it will sure look like a fun learning experience!

1. Open the package, and wash your cock ring. Don’t get too excited – make sure you wash your ring after opening the package. The whole packaging can come in with chemical dirt and debris coming from the manufacturing, which may cause skin irritation is unwashed before use. Use warm water with mild soap, then pat dry with a clean towel. Don’t take this first step for granted, because it’s the most important one!

2. Slide the ring on. Slide the top half of your penis ring over the head of your penis. Next up, roll it down to the bottom of your shaft. If your ring comes with a snap closure, skip the rolling – proceed right away to snapping the cock ring to the bottom of your shaft. Make sure the cock ring is snug around your shaft while worn, but not overly tight. Excessive tightness can result in permanent damage to your penis’s blood vessels.

3. Slide it over! Before this step you should already have the top half of your cockring around your penis shaft. Afterwards, slide the lower half of the cockring over and behind your testicles. Ensure that the bottom half of your penis ring is behind your testicles, because this will gently restrict the blood flow to your penis to avoid any permanent damage. The lower half around your testicles should also fit snugly.

4. Have fun, but don’t forget the right amount of care! Yes, cockrings make sex much more fun and intense, but there’s the right amount of caution you should take. Don’t wear a ring more than 30 minutes at a time, and never sleep while it is on (unless you want permanent damage on your penis). Take the ring off at first sign of pain or discomfort. Let your penis have five to 10 minutes of rest between use to get the blood flowing once again.