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How Can I Adjust My Gym Routine After Having A Baby?

Pregnancy has an effect on a woman's body. It's almost impossible for a woman to immediately bounce back to her prepregnancy body after giving birth. However, working your way back towards your prepregnancy figure isn't impossible. After pregnancy, you must adjust your gym routine to your new motherhood lifestyle.

Therapist (and mother of two) Elisabeth LaMotte offers advice on switching up your gym routine as a parent. She says one common assumption moms make about exercising is trying to keep their old routine as a parent. This doesn't do any favors for parents, it actually decreases the possibility of having a steady exercise routine. She suggests that instead of sticking with your old routine, incorporate exercising into your new routine as a parent. Walk or jog to work a few days a week, take a day to work out on the weekends or maybe even work out with your child! Changing your routine won't be easy, but it will help you stick to it. If you really want to lose that baby weight, you'll be up for the change!

Watch the video above for more tips on losing weight after pregnancy and adjusting your routine as a new parent.