Relationship In A Rut? There's An App For That

Kahnoodle, an iPhone app for couples, launches Koupons, a modern day "IOU."

couple iphone connecting texting

It's no secret that after the initial "honeymoon" phase of a relationship, couples can get, well, lazy.

That laziness comes in many forms—lack of sexual intimacy, letting yourself go, absence of the small gestures of affection that were once so frequent and intoxicating—you get the picture. The holidays (and the return of New Year's Resolutions) are typically a time of vowing to combat that complacency and ignite the spark that once burned so bright; but, as the story goes, resolutions are often broken well before the end of week one.


So, how can couples combat their relationship ruts this year? Well, there's an app for that.

Kahnoodle is a free mobile app that turns love and affection into a game, bringing excitement back into a relationship long after the first kiss.

Here's how it works: Each partner must download the app and connect their accounts. Once linked via Kahnoodle, the fun begins. Send "kudos" after your partner does something you appreciate to fill up the "love tank"; if the tank is too low, the app will send a notification suggesting a kind gesture. Eventually, interactions with Kahnoodle become a feed of memorable moments and relationship high points.


Even better, Kahnoodle just launched "Koupons," a fantastic (and free) way to combat that relationship laziness. A more modern take on traditional "IOUs" from years past, these Koupons are a promise for a night of fun (whether that fun be naughty or nice is up to you). The Kahnoodle Koupon bank includes everything from a night on the couch watching movies to the promise of a naughty text message or steamy shower session. Creative couples can even make their own koupons to send.

To truly keep the laziness away, once a coupon is redeemed by one partner, the other has seven days to fulfill the act in question; doing so adds points to the Love Tank and keeps the relationship as new and exciting as ever.

As my boyfriend and I approach a new year together, I'm looking forward to seeing how this app can spice things up—and keep me on my game when January first rolls around.

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