If The World Ends, Men Would Regret Not Having More Sex

As the end nears, sex is on his mind.

What are you thinking about as 12/21/12 approaches?

Is it the end of the world as we know it? We'll have to wait until Friday to see, but according to a Harris Interactive poll, 20% of Americans  think this is it.

As the scheduled end-of-the-world date approaches, whether we believe it or not, it's hard not to think about our wishes and concerns.  

One of them being our pictures, apparently. Nearly 70% of Americans are actually worried about losing digital copies of family photos, according to LA Weekly. Maybe Instagram will take this into consideration when reevaluating its terms and conditions.

What would you regret if the apocalypse hits on 12/21/12? The poll also dug deep into this one — and it's not too shocking: 1 in 4 men said they would regret not having more sex if it's all over on Dec. 21.

As for the ladies? Only 1 in 10 women agreed. Sorry, guys.

Even amid fear of disapearing, guys just can't stop thinking about sex. Or making us laugh.

Does this surprise you? Would you regret not having more sex?

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