Boudoir Holiday Photos: The Perfect Holiday Gift?

Now that's what we call a stocking stuffer!

Boudoir photography is bringing sexy back. So how about bringing some holiday spirit into the bedroom this year?

If you're like most of us this time of year, you're elbowing through the crowds at the mall on the hunt for that perfect holiday gift for your significant other. But did you ever consider that you might not have to go farther than your bedroom?

Boudoir photography is not wildly uncommon as a gift idea between couples. It first raised eyebrows as a wedding trend when blushing brides-to-be started stripping down to their lingerie and forking over hundreds of dollars to pose for a set of professionally taken sexy boudoir photos. From there, women in all sorts of relationships were gifting the men in their lives with sexy photos. And even a growing number of men are now getting in on the gift idea.

So if they make a great romantic gift, why shouldn't they be considered a gift for the holidays? Or during the holidays — a time of religious faith, family traditions, and visits from the in-laws — is this a little too sultry?

Boston wedding photographer Amy Haberland says absolutely not. Boudoir photography is different from pornography because gifting a romantic partner with erotic boudoir photos is meant as a sensual, loving gesture about art not nudity.

Similarly, Brooklyn photographer Amber Marlow defends boudoir photography as a great gift idea for all kinds of couples. And she says you don't have to have a ring on your finger. "I’ve done boudoir shoots for lesbians, for gentlemen, and for ladies who are glowing and bursting at the seams with soon-to-be-born baby," Marlow writes on her blog.

Consider this: Boudoir photography can be the perfect holiday gift for your special someon and yourself. For you, being photographed can make you feel sexy and empowered, while your holiday hook-up gets a thoughtful, intimate gift. Keep reading...

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After her sister raved about getting sexy photos taken, Kimberly Ford, a mother of three, got naked for the camera. What set out to be a gift for her husband ended up teaching her a lot about herself. "You think it's going to be a present for someone else but guess who ends up wanting to blow one of those bad boys up to 8"x11" and frame it for the boudoir wall?" she says, "It's sort of shocking, really, what a boost it gives."

If you're tired of giving him the same old tie or if you're stumped on gift ideas, a boudoir "little black book" filled with sexy photos of you can make the perfect holiday gift. And who knows? This may just be the perfect thing to heat up those wintry, (not-so) silent nights. And be honest, it sure as hell beats out shopping at the mall.

Would you ever consider giving your partner a set of sexy photographs or would you shy away from the camera? If you've given your significant other a set of boudoir photos, how did they react?