10 Most Annoying Things Men Do That Need To Stop RIGHT NOW

We love you, guys, but these things are making us crazy.


You know that moment when your eyes widen and you think, did he really just do that? Sometimes, no matter how much you love him, your man does that one thing that just irritates the hell of you.

Research shows annoying behavior can actually slow down your brain activity. So listen up, ladies, you've got your minds to protect. Here are 10 things you must get your guys to put the kibosh on.

1. Planning Spontaneous Trips

This might be a shocker, but we hate surprises. British Airways conducted a survey and found that not only 60% of women hate surprises, nearly a third felt unexpected trips are on their list of "don'ts." The problem with unplanned getaways is we don’t have enough time to prepare. Turns out, we need about 7 days and 11 hours notice in order to fully enjoy a romantic vacation. Guys, please give us this time — we wouldn't want to leave our toothbrush behind.


2. Falling Asleep After Sex
Want to feel insecure and attention-starved? Tell your guy that once sex is done he should skip the pillow talk, roll over and get some shuteye. Psychologists at the University of Michigan who conducted the study say chatting and cuddling are just as important as what happens before sex — or even the act itself. A man falling asleep before his partner is thought to be a non-conscious act that lets him avoid any conversations about commitment. Real sneaky, guys!

3. Not Listening
This one should come as no surprise (to either sex). According to a survey done by the British laundry detergent company Ariel, more than one third of women said not listening was their partner’s worst habit and is only made worse when men repeat the last few words back to you like a parrot. Rude! But can you blame him for not paying attention? Not always. A LiveScience study finds that men and women focus differently—and that men are likely to be distracted by what's going on in the background. Eyes over here, fellas.


4. Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

It may sound like a cliché, but according to Ariel, this is the second most annoying male habit. Sure, when he leaves the seat up it takes only a second for us to put it back down, but it still feels disrespectful — as though he's not listening to you. Remember how annoyed that makes you? See above.

5. Leaving Toenail Clippings And Beard Shavings Around

Ariel found that leaving clippings and shavings around the house was a big (not to mention gross) annoyance — 18% of women cited it as their top male idiosyncrasy. Single ladies take note of cleanliness too. CouponCabin found poor hygiene to be the biggest dating deal-breaker. That being said, guys, keep shaving because we hate beards.

6. Having Friends You Don’t Like

Don't care for his bros? This was the fifth most annoying male trait, according to Ariel. This one's a toughie -- and there's not a lot you can do about it if he doesn't see his friends the way you do. Of course we want our guys to be around a crew of pals that like and support our relationship, but your man might have to realize this one on his own time.

7. Displaying A Poor Sense of Style


In a recent survey, Ariel found that 60% of single women consider clothing to be a top dating deal-breaker. From his haircut to your shoes, we're taking note. Plus, if you're wearing the right color, we're taking numbers too. The survey found that men who wear purple, followed by black, have a better chance of scoring a date. What hue should the guys ditch? Pink.

8. Treating The Server Poorly

How you treat strangers says a lot about you— and when you lose your cool over something small, it's a turnoff. According to CouponCabin, 80% of women find a partner’s negative exchange with servers, hosts or hostesses to be a dating deal-breaker.

9. Using His Cell Phone On A Date


Addictions and dependency to mobile devices are on the rise, and yes, we're totally attached to ours too – but using his iPhone throughout a date? No way. Whether he's checking the score or texting his pals, it irks us at any stage of the relationship. CouponCabin revealed 82% of women consider this a deal-breaker.

10. Trying To Go Through The Back Door

Men's Health surveyed women on their least favorite sex positions and much to the dismay of guys, doggy style was at the top of the list. Women felt it was too painful and not intimate enough. Guys, there's plenty of positions out there, let's back off (no pun intended) this one.


Do you agree with this list? What annoying habit did we leave out?