NYPD Hottie With A Heart Of Gold: Will You Marry Us?

sexy cop

If this police officer is not the embodiment of every Prince Charming fantasy any woman has ever had — handsome, in uniform, generous, stepping in to put shoes on someone's feet (ahem, glass slipper) — then we don't know who is. 

Recently, an NYPD officer took the vow to 'protect and serve' to a new and swoon-alicious level. It was a blistery cold evening in the Big Apple, and Larry DePrimo — a hardcore hottie if we've ever seen one — happened to notice an elderly, barefooted homeless man. Instead of overlooking the homeless, as so many desensitized New Yorkers are prone to do, DePrimo stepped up and did the unthinkable. His good deed was caught on camera, and the pic went viral. Finally DePrimo has come forward — in a super humble way, of course — to explain why he did what he did.

Click over to Huffington Post to see his incredible gesture and hear what he has to say about it: NYPD Cop Larry DePrimo: "I Had To Help Homeless Man"

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