Baby Fever: 3 Kinds Of Obsessed Pregnant Women (And How To Deal)

pregnant woman

You know the type: a woman you've been friends with forever because she's so awesome in so many ways gets pregnant, and suddenly her personality changes — and not necessarily in an awesome way. Maybe she's smug or self-righteous. Maybe she's outright condescending. Or perhaps she's just obsessed with her newly discovered super power: procreation.

While making babies can be an undeniably an amazing part of a woman's life and a beautiful thing in general, these particular byproducts of pregnancy can vary from off-putting to outright unbearable for those around her (i.e. the rest of us who aren't knocked up). There are three basic types of offenders, as our friends The Gloss point out. Click over to find out who they are and how to handle them with tact: Do You Have Friends Obsessed With Getting Pregnant?

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