5 Love Lessons We Learned From Cory & Topanga

Cory and Topanga

As excited as us Boy Meets World fans want to be about this announced spinoff, Girl Meets World, we're skeptical. And we have a right to be! So many things can go wrong, and let's face it — most of the time with spinoffs, they do. (Oh man. Remember, Joey, the Friends spinoff? I try to forget.)

What if this new show affects the oh-so-loved legacy of our favorite Philadelphians? I, for one, couldn't bare the thought of my favorite TGIF program ruined in the wake of a bad attempt at a remake. But, rumor has it, both Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are in talks to star, and the "girl" in the title would be their pre-teen daughter—in case you didn't already feel old.

Still, I remain wary of the whole thing. I learned SO MUCH from this show, especially from Cory and Topanga. With the spinoff in the works, I took a look back at everything one of my favorite TV couples taught us about love over the years.

1. You really can find your soul mate in elementary school.
Cory had a major crush on Topanga way back when she was sporting that awful, frizzy hair and dreadful, printed dresses. So, not only can you find love with a bad hairdo, but you can meet the person you'll end up with when you're just little ones playing in the sandbox.

2. Getting married young can work out.
Cory and Topanga went through their fair share of hardships (i.e. cheating, that on-campus apartment, lack of money, etc.), but the love between the two never faltered. I don't think anyone doubted they wouldn't end up together. Ever.

3. When it comes to love, give second chances.
Cory, Cory, Cory. He got a little too close to that chick on the ski trip. You know, the one who was so eager to help him with his "injury." We all hated that girl and the fact that Cory would cheat on Topanga. Still, after she forgave him, it seemed their bond was stronger than ever. Not to mention, after they broke up one time, his BFF Shawn had to break the news that she went on a date, and Cory had one of the sweetest lines ever!
Cory: It's a strange feeling though.
Shawn: What, that it's finally over between you and Topanga?
Cory: No, being the only person who knows it's not.

4. Friendship can turn into a really great relationship.
Even though there were always underlying feelings between the two, Cory and Topanga were foremost friends. They grew up together, teased one another and hung out with the same group of people for, like, twenty years. Literally.

5. Long distance love can work.
Even though she convinced her family she could stay with her aunt, Topanga did try a brief long-distance relationship with Corey when her parents moved away. And it was worth every second because of that one particular scene when she came to his door in the pouring rain and then put on his sweats!

Tell us: what have you learned from Boy Meets World? Are you excited for the spinoff?

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