5 Lustful Reasons 'The Vampire Diaries' Is So Incredibly Sexy

Here are the top five reasons why we can't stop lusting after these sexy vamps.

Vampire Diaries sexy

While I happen to think The Vampire Diaries is the sexiest show every year, the CW hit is really raising the stakes this season as the show's protagonist, Elena, transitions into - SPOILER ALERT - a hot, lustful vampire. If you haven't yet jumped into the drama of Mystic Falls, I suggest you cozy up with Netflix this weekend and get ready to be tantalized!

Here are five reasons why The Vampire Diaries is the sexiest show on television right now:


1. The Writing
Elena, played by the gorgeous Nina Dobrev, will be merely talking to a smitten Salvatore brother and we can sense the sexual subtext and tension building exponentially right in front of our eyes. It's really amazing that these characters don't spend entire episodes ripping off each other's clothes. But they don't need to! The words and longing gazes are smoldering enough. Plus, it leaves a lot to the imagination.

2. The Fans
You'd be hard-pressed to find a Vampire Diaries fan who isn't passionate to a fault. There's no in between with this show—you either really love it or just don't watch it. And if you're part of the latter group, you need to live a little. Team Stefan or Team Damon? Get on board the sexy train already, will ya?


3. The Blood
I used to be one of those people who got queasy at the sight of blood, but I no longer find it gross and vomit-inducing. It's just really, really sexy. I know, that's weird ... until you watch last night's episode. Elena fed on Damon's pulsating veins and it was probably the most sensual scene of the entire series (sex scenes included).

4. The Sex
Speaking of sex scenes, other shows need to show a lot of skin to heat up the screen, and even though we do see a lot of chiseled six packs (Tyler doesn't seem to own a shirt), this show is so good at building up the tension that by the time the sordid coitus actually happens, it's just an added bonus. Think of it as the orgasmic conclusion to the unbearably arousing foreplay.

5. The Cast
Every show has one or two especially smokin' hot guys and girls to act as eye candy, but I speak the honest truth when I say that Every. Single. Person. in this cast is ridiculously good-looking. And by good-looking, I mean more good-looking than any average person should ever be. But hey, I can't hate. Between Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino and the rest of the vamps and wolves, I just swoon (and swoon and swoon).

Tell Us: Do you watch the show? What do you think is the sexiest thing about it?


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