Help! My Husband Is SO Selfish!

Rid your man of his selfish tendencies with Sheryl Woodhouse's expert advice!

How Do I Get My Husband To Stop Being So Selfish? [VIDEO]

Do you feel like your man only cares about himself? Are you tired of him being selfish and not pulling his own weight in the relationship? If so, relationship coach, marriage and family therapist and YourTango Expert Sheryl Woodhouse can help.


"I recommend that you get a calendar," says Sheryl, "and you go ahead and put on that calendar everything that is set in your family." After adding all your children's events, your work schedule, his work schedule and anything else you can think to add, Sheryl says to "add on that calendar 'we time,' which is your couple time, your romantic time away from kids."

So, how will creating this schedule help rid your man of his selfish tendencies? It will tell him exactly what you need from him.

Want to learn more? Check out the video above!