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New Sex Trend Says, 'Sayonara!' To Orgasms

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In the past, you may have heard sex without climax referred to as boring, pointless or even (for the unlucky among us), "pretty normal."

However, orgasm-less sex has a name, ladies and gentlemen, and for those hitting rough patches in a relationship, it may be the perfect prescription for romantic repair.

It's called karezza, a new couples' therapy trend that urges men and women to stop making orgasms the main goal of intercourse, instead avoiding climax altogether to focus on the intimacy of the act.

Those who have tried karezza say it creates a much deeper feeling in a relationship than conventional sex. How it works is a bit iffy, but if you ask the experts, it's all about the connection.

"Even for those with the highest libidos, performance can become a grind and drive a craving for novelty," said Marnia L. Robinson, an author who discourages readers from having orgasm-driven sex. "It's a practice about not-doing, about getting your goal-driven mammalian mating system out of the way long enough to fall into a state of relaxed union."

That deeper union comes in part thanks to the science behind an orgasm (or lackthereof). Some Dutch scientists have said that the brain scans of people climaxing are similar to those who are shooting heroin; it's a type of high that eventually causes a crash. Stabilizing from that orgasm-induced crash can take up to 15 days for some, say the experts; hence the benefits of skipping the finish all together.

For those in established relationships, it seems like it's worth a shot; for those with problems climaxing in general, this new trend could be your saving grace in the sack. Either way, let me know how it goes.

Would you try karezza, or does orgasm-less sex just seem pointless? Sound off!

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