Help! My Husband No Longer Needs Me

You're deeply in love with your husband. But lately, you feel like he doesn't need you as much as he used to. You're beginning to feel insignificant to his life, and you don't know whether this is common or whether this is grounds to make you leave the relationship. How can you assess what is "normal" for you?

In this video, therapist, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Joe Kort reinforces the differentiation between men and women. In general, men prefer to have more separateness and distance in a relationship while usually, women crave more togetherness and intimacy. The key to solving this issue is to talk with your spouse about whether his distancing is a positive or negative change to your relationship.

Dr. Kort asks, "Have you changed that you've noticed your needs have gone up? Or is it that he's changed and you've noticed he needs you less? That's not necessarily a negative indicator." How Do You Know If Your Relationship Is In Trouble?

Want to learn more? Watch the video above.