9 Reasons You Need Alone Time In A Relationship

woman eating chinese food

This photo gallery on The Gloss will certainly give you enough reasons to be away from your partner. And why? Because doing so, even for a few days, can make your relationship stronger.

Of course, you can still eat Cheetos, pick your zits, and sing into your hairbrush in front of your significant other, but it enhances your relationship to be away and do the things you like to do. You'll miss each other more, which fuels those love fires.

But the most convincing reason? Your alone time/sanity is at stake.

"Between your job, your friends, your family, your pet and your relationship, you're never really alone anymore. Your iPhone is always glued to your hand and you have an unholy obsession with reality TV. Use this time apart to unplug and give yourself a break from everyone and everything. Take a bath. Be quiet. Go for a walk. It's amazing what a little quiet time can do for your own well-being."

Amen. Now go read the rest of the reasons and see the photo gallery on The Gloss: Absence Makes The Heart Less Bitchy: 9 Reasons Why You Need Alone Time.

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