Ryan Gosling: Why Do We All Think He's The Perfect Man?

Ryan Gosling Irresistible You

There's more than one reason why the world can't get enough of this irresistible actor.

At the mention of his name, a huge grin forms on my face. Show me a photo of him, and I can't help but let out a loaded sigh between a bitten lip. Play one of his movies for me, and the skin on my arms tightens, the soft hair on the back of my neck perks up, and a sharp tingle shoots down my spine, through my stomach and on to a place I cannot mention. That's the effect Ryan Gosling has on me – and I know I'm not alone.

In fact, in our recent Irresistible You survey, Gosling was voted the "Most Irresistible Male Celebrity." When we divided the votes up by gender, he was the top pick for women (tied with Channing Tatum) and the third top pick for men. That's right – the 31-year-old actor is hitting home runs on both sides of the field. You Voted: And The Most Irresistible Celebrities Are...

As the one YourTango editor who makes her love for Ryan very loud and clear (and annoyingly so on a weekly basis), I felt it was my duty to try to explain why everyone is so enraptured by this man. Now, we all know he's sexy just because of that defined jaw line, those "Photoshopped-looking" abs and the way he can rock the hell out of a suit. But, my hypothesis is that it's not only his insufferable good looks and raw talent that make him irresistible, but also his intangible and overpowering confidence in himself and his ability to woo just about anyone on the planet.

I didn't know it at the time, but I've been collecting research for this theory since 1998, when I was just a young, fair-haired 11-year-old watching Young Hercules after school. (Yes, I realize Ryan was on The Mickey Mouse Club long before he was ever donning tights and a sword, but I didn't watch that crap.) The show lasted one measly season of 50 episodes on Fox Kids, but it was enough to make me fall hard for the overly faux-tanned boy whose long, blonde locks swayed in the wind as he was taught how to wield a sword by his headmaster, Chiron the Centaur, Yes, I said centaur. Even to an 11-year-old, Young Hercules was absolutely ridiculous, but I kept watching to see Ryan.

I forgot about him when the series ended – that is, until he popped up in Remember The Titans and Murder By Numbers. Here he was now, a 22-year-old guy seducing the pants off of Sandra Bullock, even though he'd just committed a murder and left the body in the woods to rot. Boy, had he blossomed. It was exciting to see how my prepubuscent crush was growing up to be such a devilishly handsome man.

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