5 Ways To Handle Unpleasant Surprises About Your Date


The guy you're dating tells you he broke off an engagement just before the wedding. How to respond?

You, single woman out there in the dating world, be prepared. For you are going to get bombs dropped on you. The person you are dating has baggage and not all of it is adorable. Every person has unflattering moments in their dating past. Everyone has suffered hardships in their lives. You may find yourself in a situation where you are hit with a revelation you weren't ready for. Whether it comes up naturally in conversation, you ask the wrong question, or it slips out of his mouth after the second glass of wine, at some point, your date is going to tell you something about himself that may catch you off guard. Ideally, you won't find out that he broke off an engagement a few months before the wedding until your fourth or fifth date, but you made a joke about getting married on date two, and WHOOMP, there it is. How you react to the baggage bomb is EVERYTHING. Don't run for cover. Don't write him off. This is an opportunity to build trust with this person and get to know him better. After the jump, some tips for surviving baggage bombs.

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