Um ... WOW. The Top 4 Ways Americans Spice Up Their Sex Lives

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Ways Americans Spice Up Their Sex Lives

Could your sex life use some new flavors? In a survey, Trojan Condoms found that 81 percent of Americans say their sex life needs some spicing up. So how do you beat the bedroom blahs?

The top four ways people give their bedroom routine a little oomph is through:

1. Spontaneous sex (48 percent)

2. Using lube (40 percent)

3. Having sex in a new, exciting place (36 percent)

4. Talking dirty (32 percent)

The survey also discovered that 72 percent were all for adding a vibrator to their bedroom fun, and 70 percent like the idea of trying a condom that's supposed to enhance orgasm for either one or both parties. So what are all those "new, exciting" places where people thought it was a great idea to knock boots?

Well, 32 percent of those surveyed had had sex outdoors, one in three has gotten it on at the beach, and one in four at their in-laws' house. What? No backseat of a cab for anyone? That's always been my favorite place outside of the bedroom. Do you know how hard it is to be subtle back there? Maybe that's why I like it so much.

And hey, you're not fully taking advantage of this technological age if you're not sexting at least a little bit. Twenty-three percent of Americans admitted to getting freaky with their phones out: Sixteen percent had sent a dirty photo (because no one has learned their lesson about how that can lead to a possible embarrassing situation?), and 22 percent had indulged in phone sex.

So next time you're thinking about doing something sexually that isn't usually your thing, stop thinking and just go with it. We have too many resources at our fingertips that can make our sex lives better, and not using them is a waste. Now go hail a cab.