How To Get Out Of A Bad Date In 60 Seconds

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New eHarmony app sends an emergency call your way as a bad-date escape route.

Once upon a time when I was single, I went on an awful date with a man who seemed to take his fashion advice from Marty McFly. In an effort to escape from the terror of the incredibly awkward evening, I asked my best friend, via text, to save me.

It's a scene that isn't terribly uncommon in the land of single people. Some dates are so absolutely horrible that a getaway is necessary. However, actually getting away in a relatively polite manner can be tricky. Luckily, eHarmony has set out to create an escape route for singles trapped in terrible dates.

No more suffering through awkward conversation. No more of that dreaded feeling of time being wasted. The online dating site has developed a "Bad Date Rescue App" for the singles of the world. The app allows users to schedule fake incoming calls on their iPhone, offering a quick and easy escape from cringe-worthy dates. This app has several emergency-worthy options to choose from, like a call from your mom exclaiming, "Your sister is having a baby!" Of course, stay away from this option if you've already discussed your siblings and are conspicuously without sister in real life. eHarmony: 14 Facts You Should Never Share On A First Date

Another alternative: Your neighbor is calling, and a water pipe in your apartment has sprung a leak! Oh no, gotta run! Even better, it's your boss, and they need you at the office immediately.

In an effort to make the calls as authentic as possible, your screen looks just like a legitimate incoming call, and features a real voice on the other end. Whose voice? Doesn't matter — all that counts is getting you out of bad-date hell. 5 Worst First Dates Ever

For those bad liars unsure of what to say to the fake caller (and wary of blowing their cover), a "repeat after me" option is available. Select it and the app will feed you the proper lines to make your date truly believe you've got to get going immediately.

Where was this app during my encounter with Marty McFly?

Tell us your most cringe-worthy bad date story in the comments below!

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