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Scared Of Being Single? 5 Signs You're Desperate For A Man

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I typically don't care for the goings-on in Celebrityville. Who's dating who, who's laying up in whose bed, who's shacking up with him or her. It's all too exhausting to keep up with. But I've noticed that J. Lo and Halle Berry always seem to have themselves a boo. Always. And it's pretty obvious that it's not necessarily a cavalier matter of choice, but that they're women who, despite their beauty and influence and fame and general fabulousness, actually think they need a man. Maybe to be validated, maybe to chase away the lonely, maybe to keep them from feeling things they may not be ready to emotionally confront.

One of the most dangerous fears that swirls around in the minds of many women—too many women—is the fear of being man-less. The phobia of being alone and detached keeps them stocked with either an endless supply of disposable dudes or the same ol' dud who's proven himself unworthy year after year after year. Either way, not the most glimmering examples of upstanding manliness, but they fit the bill out of necessity because they've got the biological qualifications and physical accoutrements to boot. With no chance to go into the next relationship refreshed and renewed because they don't give themselves time to heal, compulsive man-seekers sacrifice a lot for the sake of having a warm body in their beds or a new beau by their sides. 

Trouble is, most of these ladies don't recognize their addiction to that new boo euphoria or the reliance on having a man at their disposal...

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Written by Janelle Harris for The Stir.

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