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Food & Dating: The Surprising Turn-Off Most Singles Have

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Food & Dating: The Surprising Turn-Off Most Singles Have

Could you only date a fellow meat-eater or a fellow vegetarian? and recently got together for a survey of 4,000 singles called "Love Bites" that investigated the correlations between eating, drinking and being merry when it comes to dating. In one of the more surprising results, 40 percent of ladies would choose their favorite food over sex, if given the option. Clearly they're a bit ... deprived.

The survey also found that roughly 30 percent of singles would never date a vegetarian. I wonder just how much that percentage would increase if they were to have asked the group about vegans? By three times? Considering that 66 percent of respondents consider picky eaters a major turn-off, I would guess so. The snobby foodies of the group, at around 32%, would be less-than-thrilled if their date didn't have any knowledge of food. This is why foodies and fans of Filet O' Fishes don't mix.

When it came to imbibing, 70 percent of women said they wouldn't like it if a man drank more than them, while 23 percent of both men and women said it was uncool if their date didn't indulge in any alcohol at all.

The turn-offs continue as it gets toward the end of date night: Sixty-two percent of respondents said they would be peeved if their date asked to split the check, regardless of gender. And if you spend the evening flirting with the hot waiter or waitress, then 82 percent of singles think you're a douche, which, if we're to be honest, you totally are. Finally, a whopping 90 percent of men consider a dinner date a good "traditional" first date. No word on whether they expect that date to put out once dinner is over.

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