Our 3 Favorite Trysts From 'One Night Only: Erotic Encounters'

Sexy one-night-stand stories from the book "One Night Only," collected and edited by Violet Blue.

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Think of that one person in your life you wished you could have just one night with. How far would you go to make your sexual fantasy come true?

That's the question I was left with after reading One Night Only: Erotic Encounters, a catalog of 19 spontaneous sexcapades involving strangers doing the deed once — no strings attached, collected and edited by Violet Blue.

This light, steamy beach-read is filled with both realistic and fantastical stories that keep you on edge. Some of the stories include: making sex eyes at a stranger across a crowded train, an erotic art exhibit that turns the adage "love is an art" into a performance piece, a maid breaking hotel rules during her first night on the job, a salon stylist raising more than her client's hair, a neurosurgeon mistaken for a hooker, a divorcee eager to get into a threesome with a homosexual couple ... and even a shade of domination-submission.


Not aroused yet? Let me help. Below are just three of my favorite stories from this collection:

1. Subway Subterfuge, by May Deva. Two strangers lock eyes on a crowded train, over a number of days, (for those of you who take public transportation on a daily basis, you know what I'm talking about!) and while they never really have sex, the story burns with sexual tension.

2. Maid Service, by Jan Darby. Picture this: It's your third night on the job tidying rooms in a hotel and you find yourself giving "the best maid service" someone's ever had. Having broken nearly all the rules in her management's handbook, Allison finds herself caught in a pleasurable and, well, chocolate-y one-night affair with her sweet suite guest.


3. Whore, by D.L. King. This is by far my favorite story in the collection. It proves that a sexy red dress can make or break you. April befriends an older man at the bar of the hotel they've both been staying at. When they take their tryst back to his room, one thing leads to another ... and she finds her sexual awakening coming to a close as he nonchalantly hands her cash for the "service." Ouch.

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