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Does Your Man's Junk Need Some Breathing Room?

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It is a known medical fact that the testicles are located externally to enable them to achieve a temperature somewhat cooler (2-7 degrees Celsius) than the human body. "When the male human body was put together (by God or nature), it was gifted an intricate temperature regulation mechanism which allows the testicles to ascend and descend to regulate the temperature for optimal sperm production," Robert Miljkovic of Obviously Underwear told The Underwear Expert.

Men's contemporary underwear designs, however, rarely accommodate this movement. "What traditional modern underwear focuses on are sleek and body hugging designs which prevent this natural ascension and descension," Miljkovic continued and acccording to a recent report issued by the UK Nation Health Service, it seems there may be proof of this. The study aimed, ultimately, to determine if smoking, drinking, and unhealthy lifestyle choices can cause a lower sperm count. What the study found, however, is that these habitual choices have less bearing on sperm count than tight underwear.

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Written by Michael Kleinmann for The Huffington Post.

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