5 Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship


Find out why a LDR isn't so bad after all!

By Grace Pamer

For some people, a long distance relationship can seem like a tremendous hurdle to overcome, and many couples who are apart frequently see these relationships as positive instead of negative. Celebrities are no exception. One celebrity couple that speaks openly about the benefits of long distance partnerships is Victoria and David Beckham

Their busy careers frequently keep them apart, forcing them to have separate homes oceans apart. However, they feel the distance doesn't take from their love. Instead, they feel that the extra space enhances it. The key to understanding how to make the most out of your long distance relationship is to change your way of thinking. A long distance relationship can improve your life!

Here are five benefits of a long distance relationship:

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1. It can lead to a happier you. Having a lot of time to yourself, as long as you use it to your advantage, can lead to a healthier mind, body and spirit. You'll have more time to follow your own dreams. You can work on your career or further your education, so that when the time comes for you and your partner to settle down, you'll be in a better place in your life. You can take time to care for your body by getting fit or relaxing in a hot bath, which will enhance your self-esteem and overall well-being.

2. You get to have it "all."  Many singles yearn for companionship and love, while many people who are in relationships yearn for the freedom they had when single. In a long distance relationship, you have both a loving, supportive partner and time to yourself. It's the perfect combination of some of the best elements of single life and dating.

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3. No one will resent your relationship. If you talk to many unhappy couples, you will hear stories like, "I was going to get my Master's degree, but I met my love and settled down." In the passion of love, it is easy to put aside dreams because it feels as if nothing else matters. But years later, that can impact a relationship negatively. There is plenty of time for you to pursue becoming your own person when your partner is far away.

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