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The Latest On John Travolta's 3 Sexual Harassment Claims

John Travolta

If ever there were a bad week to be John Travolta, this seems to be it.

For those of you catching up, let's bring you up to speed: three separate men have come forward to make sexual assault claims against the actor. Ouch!

The first, a masseur, is only identified as John Doe #1 and alleged that the actor tried to have sex with him during a massage session back in January. Of course, Travolta's attorney adamantly denied the claims and even provided proof that it couldn't have happened – flight records confirm that Travolta was in the air when the alleged incident took place. The accuser held firm, stating that while he may have gotten the date wrong, the attack still happened, according to the Daily Mail. 13 Grossest Parts Of The Masseur Lawsuit Against John Travolta

However, as the tides turn, so do legal cases. It looks like we won't be hearing too much more about this—Los Angeles lawyer Okorie Okorocha decided that he would no longer be handling John Doe #1's case, according to RadarOnline. He is however, representing John Doe #2, a second male maseur in Atlanta, who claims that Travolta had committed inappropriate acts in his presence while he tried to give the actor a massage at a hotel spa. The masseur's attorney is acting fast, already requesting that the hotel preserve the surveillance video during Travolta's stay.

Now, MTV.com is reporting that a third man has come to light with a pretty similar story — and he's publicly named! 

Fabian Zanzi, a Chilean cruise ship employee, says that he was attacked by the actor in 2009 while working as a VIP liaison on a Royal Carribean cruise ship. Zanzi says that he was offered $12,000 to have sex but denied Travolta's advances. He also claims that Travolta asked for a massage and claims to have already filed a suit, though it hadn't emerged as of yet. John Travolta: A Gay Sex Addict?

Of course, we're amazed reading this stuff. While rumors have creeped up before, this is the first time that  accusations have come in waves, which makes you wonder: Is John really to blame? Or, is he an ugly target of an even uglier game? 

We're not quite ready to make any judgment call on this one. Sure, it seems fishy, but rumors are quite common in the Hollywood circuit. However, with three lawsuits in a week, we're sure the stories have only just begun!

Tell us: What do you think of these cases against John Travolta?

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