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So You Say You've Found The G Spot, Huh, Scientists?

I've been hearing about this elusive G spot in a woman's vagina long before I had even experienced penetration myself. I've had straight female friends who swear the only way they can orgasm is if their G spot is stimulated by a penis; lesbian friends who have been more than willing not to only show me where it is, but how with ample pressure it can induce the even more elusive "female ejaculation"; and of course, sexual partners who've claimed they can "totally feel your G spot now from this angle, baby." That's great. I'm so happy for all these people, but I've always been a bit skeptical.

Now a study, published yesterday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine — on a dead woman, of all people — proves that why, yes, the G spot does exist after all. Not only does it exist, but it's also exactly where everyone claimed it would be: along the inside of the vaginal wall and about one to two inches up. Gynecologist Adam Ostrzenski, who aided in finding the G spot in the cadaver of the 83-year-old woman (I'm never giving my body to science after reading this), described the G spot as "a 'well-delineated sac,' stretching from 8.1 to 33 millimeters." Some sex experts, like Dr. Debby Herbenick, though, say this study doesn't really prove anything new about the G spot or female sexuality. It's a case study on a single subject — and who knows whether this dead woman even derived pleasure from her "G spot."

So before we all starting throwing a G spot parade, there are so many concerns about female sexuality that need to be addressed. Not only do some women still not know how to benefit from the G spot when it comes to sex, many women have trouble achieving orgasm period. As Dr. Michael Krychman, director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health, points out: "Close to 50 percent of women complain of sexual concerns and not always being in the mood." That right there stands in the way of women taking the time and effort to find their own pleasure, whether G-spot-derived or not. Krychman says that women often have trouble speaking with their doctors, or even with their friends, about troubles getting sexually aroused. So ladies, now that we're 100 percent sure the G spot exists, let's not only find our own, but find the ultimate sexual pleasure we deserve. 

Have you found your G spot? Do you know the difference between a G spot and a clitoral orgasm? Have you experienced both, one, or neither? (If not, you must check out this from The Stir: The Secret To Having The Most Magical Kind Of Orgasm)

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