Can Divorce Ever Be Good For You?

Divorce doesn't have to be all bad.

unhappy couple in bed

The stigma associated with divorce is certainly all doom and gloom, but sometimes couples seem so much happier after they split. How does it all add up?


In this video, hypnotherapist, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett explains why sometimes couples are actually happier after divorce and debunks the myth that divorce can't be good for anyone. Whose Needs Should Come First: Mine Or My Kids'?

"The old model is that divorce is always bad, painful, devastating ... and it doesn't have to be that way at all," says Dr. Shosh. "Even the divorce process itself and your relationship with your ex during and after [your divorce] can be friendly."

How is this possible? How can you and your ex have a positive experience with your divorce? Check out the video above and find out!


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