Scarlett Johansson Finally Spills All About Ryan Reynolds Divorce

Scarlett Johansson at 'The Avengers' premiere

Famously tight-lipped and private Scarlett Johansson is finally opening up about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds and their surprisingly amicable divorce in a new interview with Vogue.

And, according to UK's Daily Mail, that's not all the 27-year-old is spilling—the blonde bombshell also shares details about her former relationship with Sean Penn and how things are going with her new boyfriend, advertising executive Nate Naylor. Maybe She's Not Moving! Meet Scarlett Johansson's New Mystery Man

So what happened to her marriage, anyway?

In the interview, Scarlett says the downfall started when she and Reynolds took a road trip around Europe after he finished filming Green Lantern (co-starring his new girlfriend, Blake Lively) and Scarlett herself was in-between projects. Maybe their deeper-rooted issues surfaced while they were on the road together?

"It was nice, but at the same time, I was like 'What am I going to do with myself?' I don't know. I was waiting. It was a hard time... I was feeling very out of my own skin," she said. Scarlett Johansson And Sean Penn: Still Together?

Scarlett admits the divorce was "horrible," explaining: "It was devastating. It really throws you. You think that your life is going to be one way, and then, for various reasons or whatever, it doesn't work out... This was something I never thought I would be doing. And there's no way to navigate it. Nobody can give you the right answer. It's never anything you want to hear. It's a very lonely thing. It's like the loneliest thing you'll ever do, in some way."

Despite the split, Scarlett describes the whole divorce as "comically amicable," and reminisces about her two-year marriage to Reynolds: "It was a beautiful thing. The falling in love and getting married and making that commitment. I think it's nice to know that you're capable of loving somebody in that way. I think it's a rare opportunity." 

And what about that whole thing with Sean Penn?

Scarlett says, "We spent time together, yeah. I never put a title on it, really, but we were seeing each other. He's a remarkable person. He really is." 

Thankfully, things are going well with her new beau, who has handled being stalked by paparazzi "remarkably well." We're sure he doesn't mind dating such a gorgeous, talented actress! 

Tell us: Do you think Scarlett and Ryan should have split?

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