9 Ways To Help Your Partner Love Your Cat


Jackson's new book "Cat Daddy" is out next month. A dollar from every copy pre-ordered will go toward saving shelter cats — many of which are surrendered when one half of a couple doesn't get along with them.

"I am kind of a couple's counselor," says Jackson Galaxy, the cat behaviorist who stars on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," and has often been called the Cat Whisperer. One of the problems he most frequently encounters on his show, which documents his adventures counseling owners of misbehaving cats, are cats who seem to hate one half of a couple. So I called him up to find out how, if you're moving in with your significant other, to avoid ending up with a seriously traumatized cat and partner? After all, it's worth it to put forth that extra energy to ensure the cat doesn't get in the way of moving in together. As Jackson says, "Why would you invite splinters into a relationship at a really important crossroads?" To ease the process follow these nine easy steps from Jackson. (Note: Boyfriend is used throughout for consistency, but all this advice also applies to girlfriends, wives, or husbands, obviously.)

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