10 Sexiest Cities In America (Guess Which State Has 8 Of Them!)

They say everything is more relaxed in California. Maybe it's because they have so much sex.

welcome to california

With the extreme sexualization of pretty much everything in our culture — from toddlers in beauty pageants to commercials about eating salad — I'd think it's safe to assume that America cares about sex.

But alas, it's true what they say about making assumptions. Thanks to an investigation from Chemistry.com, it was discovered that people in certain geographic areas value sexy time much more than in other regions of the country. Sadly, as someone born in one of these unsexy cities, the odds are not ever in my favor. The dating website took results from more than 10 million surveys and determined which areas felt sex was the most important, and which could seemingly care less.


Here are the top 10 cities that value sex as an essential part of a relationship:

1. Venice, CA
2. Santa Monica, CA
3. Newport Beach, CA
4. West Hollywood, CA
5. West Los Angeles, CA
6. Woodland Hills, CA
7. Miami Beach, FL
8. Redondo Beach, CA
9. Hoboken, NJ
10. San Francisco, CA

For those rough on geography, let me point out something amazing: Eight of those cities are in California. Is it all the beaches full of bikini bodies, or maybe the "420?" In any case, people in the top 10 cities that value sex the least — like Lubbock, TX; Schenectady, NY; and Norfolk, VA — could learn a thing or two from the Golden Coast.


Read Dr. Helen Fisher's, Chemistry.com's chief scientific advisor, explanation of why some cities care more about sex: Top 10 Cities That Value Sex The Most (And Least) In America

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