National Cleavage Day: Why?

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Whoever has the breasts, rules the world?

It's news to me but apparently it's National Cleavage Day. Or it's almost National Cleavage Day? Or maybe it was yesterday? Basically, what I'm gathering from the Internets is National Cleavage Day, although it doesn't have a definite assigned date, is celebrated in "either March or April" every year since it started 2002.

Sponsored by Wonderbra and Cosmopolitan, the "celebration" started in Johannesburg and as The Sun explains it's a holiday (which Londoners observe tomorrow despite the fact they did a lingerie walk today) to "celebrate women's independence and power in their careers and relationships." Because whoever has the rack, has the power? Or is it whoever has the breasts, rules the world? I'm sure there's a specific line somewhere that we don't need to take from a Beyonce song.

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Written by Amanda Chatel for The Gloss.

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