How To Remove Your Ex From Your Life & Your Closet

Before you can move on, you've got to get rid of his stuff!

clothes in closet

Breaking up is hard to do. Moving on is even harder, especially when your top dresser drawer is still full of his things. In this video, author, life coach, and YourTango Expert Amy Spencer offers some helpful advice about how to move on from a marriage when your home is jam-packed with physical reminders of the relationship.


"Get rid of things physically if you want to get rid of things emotionally," Amy says. If every time you see his toothbrush in your medicine cabinet you break down crying over the loss of the relationship, toss it! Box up his things and get them out of your home as quickly as possible. Eventually, you won't associate brushing your teeth with him breaking your heart anymore.

If his stuff is making you sad, removing it from your life will create space for things that make you happy. It's the first step toward really moving on. The same principle applies to unwanted thoughts. If you're haunted by unhappy memories, try writing them down and then throwing them away. It might sound corny, but it might just give you the relief you desperately need.


For more advice about how to move on when his stuff's still in your house, check out the video above!