Help! I'm Afraid I'm Going To Cheat On My Partner

Fear of infidelity is perfectly normal. At some point or another, we've all worried about getting cheated on. But have you ever been concerned that you might be the one who's unfaithful in your relationship? After all, forbidden fruit can be awfully tough to resist, especially when we have doubts about the relationships we're in. In this video, licensed psychotherapist, author and YourTango expert Dr. Tammy Nelson addresses the question: what are the signs I'm about to cheat?

Dr. Tammy says there are three warning signs to keep your eye on. The first, she says, is avoiding intimacy with your partner. When was the last time you and your partner had sex? If you've lost interest in your partner sexually, you may be at risk of cheating. Next, she says trolling the internet for new relationships — or reconnecting with old ones — is a major red flag. It suggests you're unsatisfied in your current relationship and looking to move on. Finally, pursuing an emotionally intimate relationship with someone other than your partner, such as a co-worker or opposite-sex friend, is a serious warning sign. Does Monogamy Really Work — Or We All Just Kidding Ourselves?

Dr. Tammy says that none of these signs taken individually should necessarily raise any eyebrows. But if you experience more than one — or even all three at the same time — there's a pretty good chance you're about to do something you'll regret later on. Check out the video for more helpful hints about how to know if you're the cheating type!