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7 Things You Should Feel Comfortable Doing In Front Of Your Man

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I think it's so annoying when girls won't eat a big meal in front of their date, or just have to wear a full face of makeup whenever a guy they like is around. We're humans, not dolls with no organs, and last time I checked, men feel pretty comfortable burping and the rest around us. This piece on Madame Noire listing "7 things you should be comfortable doing around your man" is right on target. Unless he accepts you the way you are, it isn't true love! 

Here are some things you should be okay doing in front of your boyfriend (and even more importantly, if he's your fiance or husband):

1. Getting mad at him

2. Getting mad at others

3. Crying

4. Being insecure

5. Looking unkempt

6. Getting sick

7. Being affectionate to others

Obviously this doesn't give you license to turn into a needy drama queen who doesn't brush her hair and constantly flirts with other guys — everything in moderation. But in general, these are good guidelines for what to feel comfortable doing around your guy.

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