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Love Bytes: How Do You Feel About "69?"


Do people change? Sure, some of us get fatter, but do we change for the better? For instance, if a man (or a woman) were to cheat on his (or her) spouse or significant other, would they cheat on the next person and on and on until infinity? Can people really quit their cheatin' ways? (eHarmony)

Our good friends at got some media love! I'd like to point out that a woman who is cheated on is called a cuckquean. (Jezebel)

The most evil breakup revenge involves nude photos and "leaked" sex tapes. Meet Hunter Moore, king of "revenge porn:" the most-hated man on the ultraweb not named after a semi-aquatic salamander. (The Daily Beast)

If there is anything you can actually learn from The Bachelor, here it is. (TresSugar)

The HOTTEST 25 guys under 25. It's a pretty complete list. No arguments here. (Crushable)

There is a pretty cool "Valentine's Day for men," and at least one lady is in favor of it. (CollegeCandy)

Having feelings is not crazy. Expressing feelings is not crazy (or even cray-cray). Expressing feelings in a crazy way may be crazy. (

She had an affair with her professor and it was… awesome. (The Gloss)

How do you get pregnant fast? We can think of one way… (

… and this is not it. How do you feel about the "69" position? (Em & Lo)

I think you want this man representing you in a divorce (if you can't afford that awful Allred lady). (Huffington Post)

How do you help a friend escape a toxic relationship? (Glo)

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