66% Of Women Admit To Faking An Orgasm Because Of THIS

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Faking An Orgasm To End Sex

Here's a big reality check for millions of people: What you see in the movies isn't real. 

When it comes to doing the deed, Hollywood has taught us that sex is going to make women whoop and holler, speak in tongues and scream out bizarre obscenities that outside of the bedroom would be deemed just plain weird.

But scientists at the University of Leeds have found that when women are making all those ridiculous noises during sex, it's not because their orgasm is that amazing; it's because they're trying to make their partner happy.

I'm going to assume the scientists who made this "discovery" are men, because women have always known this to be a fact.

According to the study, 66 percent of the 71 women between the ages of 18 and 48 who participated said all those noises were just to speed up their partner's climax. Of the same women polled, 87 percent said they do it to "boost his self-esteem."

There were even those who screamed out in ecstasy out of sheer boredom. Tragic, but I'm sure lot of you can relate.

With these "new" facts, and the additional tidbit that 80 percent of women admit to faking an orgasm at least once in their life, what does this say about our gender? That we're a bunch of liars, or that we care more about our partner having fun than ourselves?

Perhaps it means we're insecure when it comes to telling men what really gets us off — not a particularly new discovery, but a sad one. Maybe many of us are just lazy and sleepy, though.