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Would You Call This Woman 'Too Fat'?

ananda marchildon

As if women didn't struggle with body image enough these days, the following news comes from Holland:

"A former winner of the television show 'Holland's Next Top Model' has won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was dropped for having hips the agency considered too large." 

The agency initially wrote the following to the 5'11 model:

"We agreed that you would come by us every two weeks for an evaluation, how it's going with your diet and exercise and losing weight. We're going to keep measuring you. Today, March 23 2010, we measured your hips at 98 centimeters. This is a reminder! The goal is that you have a hip circumference of no more than 90 centimeters at the end of June."

Yes, that's right, starve yourself to be even skinnier than the ridiculously small size you already are! That's 35 inches, not of waist circumference, but HIP circumference, people. Insanity.

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