Happy International Women's Day! 8 Reasons To Celebrate

Happy International Women's Day
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A day to celebrate everything women have achieved, and remember that we still have a long way to go.

Not only is March Women's History Month, but today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate everything women have achieved, and remember that we still have a long way to go. Today we're thankful for the reasons to celebrate women's progress, as well as mindful of the setbacks we still have to grapple with. A list of our favorite reasons to celebrate from the web:

1. Celebrate! Maura Judkis from the Washington Post provides an excellent list for useful things to do today, from viewing art made by women to taking the day off (workers in Armenia, Burkina Faso and China have holidays today) to giving flowers to the favorite women in your life, which is a custom in Russia and many other countries.

2. Consider how far we've come in terms of education. According to the Women's Rights Report Card we've put together, women and men are graduating from college now at essentially the same rates, and women outnumber men in terms of college enrollment. In 2012, they're expected to earn 63% of master's degrees and 54% of doctoral and professional degrees.

3. But, remember how much we still have to work on in terms of contraception and reproductive rights. Utah's legislature just passed a bill that would ban public schools from teaching contraception as a way of preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. And certain radio hosts think it's okay to call women sluts because they argue for insured birth control

4. Yet there's a silver lining, despite all the setbacks: As of 2011, health insurance companies must cover birth control as preventive care with no co-pays. Church-affiliated employers have protested, saying the new law violates their freedom of religion, but in January, President Obama upheld the ruling. 

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