Relationship Fail: The Top 10 Reasons You Should Date Me!

Relationship Fail: The Top 10 Reasons You Should Date Me!

Sometimes you may find yourself whining to your other single friends, "Why don't people want to date me? I'm cool, I'm funny, I dress well..." And then the conversation ends there, probably because you realize how self-involved you sound. 

Not so for one 40-year-old single man in Manhattan. He decided to take his argument one step further and post the following list of the reasons why girls should date him in the "men seeking women" section of Craigslist. And, the funny part is, none of the reasons are very good!

So, single NYC ladies, if you find yourself without an umbrella on a rainy afternoon and feel you need a man in your life who will never take anything—including your relationship—seriously, you should email this guy!

Your future will forever be filled with "Top 10" lists, minus the unfaithful late night host who gets paid millions to announce them. Relationship Fail: Sky Rockets In Flight, I Had Afternoon Delight

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